Galin Scholars is an educational nonprofit that works to increase knowledge about the college preparation and admissions process for high school students and their families. Our mission is to provide guidance and support to students who have strong academic potential but fewer resources to explore college options through a comprehensive process. 

We believe knowledge is power and high-achieving students from all backgrounds can expand their options for college with guidance and targeted support during high school. Galin Scholar’s partnership with Galin Education allows us to provide services such as high school planning, test preparation, and college admissions advising to cohorts of Galin Scholars each year. Providing stipends for our scholars to access extracurricular opportunities in academics, the arts, and athletics is another important way we are working to increase opportunities for students. 

The Galin Scholars program is provided at no charge to our scholars through a combination of donations and grants in addition to contributions from Galin Education. 

Galin Scholars also collaborates with school districts, community groups, and other youth-serving organizations that help prepare students for success in high school, college, and beyond.

Our partnership with Galin Education

Galin Education was founded by Zach Galin with a simple goal – to help parents and students navigate the complex world of college admissions. From there, the organization has expanded to provide individualized academic tutoring, test preparation, and one-on-one college counseling. These services have proven valuable to students and their families looking for guidance and support with the goal of accessing their best fit college.

Recognizing the need to expand access to these services, Zach is actively involved with Galin Scholars to provide the same high quality, one-on-one support with Galin Education tutors and counselors. This will provide the opportunity for more students and families to expand their knowledge of the college options available to them and to find the best fit for their college experience. 

Meet the team

James Howard, Advisor
Economist, US Forest Service (retired)
Former School Board President
Madison Metropolitan School District

Laurie Fellenz, Advisor
Executive Director
WI School Music Association

Perry Hibner, Advisor
Lead Survey Strategist, Donovan Group
Director of Communications (retired)
Middleton Cross Plains Area School District

Silvia Romero-Johnson, Advisor
Asst. Superintendent Teaching and Learning
Middleton Cross Plains Area School District