Galin Scholars helping under priviledged students graduate from college

Galin Scholars supports high-achieving, college bound students from low to middle income families and from demographic groups currently underrepresented in college.

Our program empowers students and their families to confidently navigate the college preparation process to gain access and succeed at the selective college of their choice. 

Each year we select 5 scholars who starting in the junior year of high school receive test preparation, college advising, academic tutoring, and stipends to participate in academic, artistic, and athletics activities in their community.

Galin Scholars also provides broader outreach to increase the understanding of the college preparation and admission process for families in the greater Madison, WI area.

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Galin Education was founded by Zach Galin with a simple goal – to help parents and students navigate the complex world of college admissions. From there, the organization has expanded to provide individualized academic tutoring, test preparation, and one-on-one college counseling. These services have proven valuable to students and their families looking for guidance and support with the goal of accessing their best fit college. 

The Galin Scholars program increases access to college preparation for students who have strong academic potential but fewer resources to explore college options through a comprehensive process. Scholars will access the same high quality, one-on-one support with Galin Education tutors and counselors. This will provide the opportunity for these students to expand their knowledge of the options available to them and to find the best fit for their college experience. 

What our clients are saying about Galin Education

This is an excellent organization. My daughter received significant improvement in her ACT scores as a result of the prep program AND went into her senior year feeling prepared and at ease to submit university applications because of the summer “boot-camp” program. The level of skill, professionalism, and communication at every step of the way by Galin staff is impressive. I would highly recommend their programs.

There is a lot of excitement around choosing a college as well as stress. We met with Zach for the first time during sophomore year. Meeting early helped create a game plan, course selection and allowed us to feel supported as we moved through this process. We continued to meet with him regularly through the years. Galin is very up to date on what colleges are looking for and what would be the right choice for your child.

Caitlyn was wonderful with our daughter – focused, careful preparation spaced out in weekly sessions that helped our daughter grow in confidence and test-taking skills, as well as content. Her improvement in score from diagnostic to her final test exceeded our expectations!